Why people did put up "lights" to welcome back Shri Ram Chander Ji but no such lights are displayed on Shivratri?

Shri Ram Chander Ji was a Muryada Parshotam Avtar for the people of Traeta, the DEVTAS, were following the moral laws by the "letters" very strictly. Without "mercy", such laws are lifeless and useless. So, Shri Ram Chander Ji reminded people of the chief quality of Ram, Par Brahm, which is "Mercy".

Shri Ram Chander Ji's name was due to fact that He represented the reflected Light of Ram, the Sun as Moon(Chand) does so. So, Shri Ram Chander Ji was the source of Moon light, which is imbued with the qualities of Ram, the Sun. Put it this way. People we see with our two naked eyes have within them the Light of Ram, which we cannot "see" but "perceive" through their "merciful" deeds. So, what we see with our naked eyes is "true" or SACH but what we cannot "see" but "perceive" with our "third eye" is "Absolute TRUTH" or SATT. That is why when a person dies, we chant, "RAM RAM SATT HAE", i.e. what was of Ram has been taken away. As body is the reflection of Ram, so the moral teachings of Shri Ram Chander Ji apply to our bodies or TANN. At that time, TRAETA YUG, the Brahmins were honest and efficient and, therefore, they controlled the public for law and order and of course "peace" called heaven. King Ravan of Lanka had a perfect law and order and so Lanka used to be a "heaven" to live in which is now being called Sri Lanka has become a hell to live in. Thus, Shri Ram Chander Ji, the Moon of Ram, Sun, was an Avtar of "Vishnu".

In the Doappar Yug came Shri Krishan Baldev Ji, a NEETI PARSHOTAM AVTAR. NEETI is related to politics and as the name implies, "Krishan" stands for a "Ray of Light" and "Baldev" means a "DEVTA of SHAKTI". That is, the work of Shri Krishan Baldev Ji was keeping in mind the Muryada of Shri Ram Chander Ji or the Light of Vishnu. As the head of a state is supreme, so is "Shiv" supreme and, therefore, Shri Krishan Baldev Ji was the incarnation of "Shiv" or "Mahadev". Further, Shri Krishan Baldev Ji was known by many names and the most favourite was "Gobinda".

Whilst in Kal Yug, both the Avtars come and as the Brahmins had become corrupt and useless, Shri Nanak Dev Ji came to introduce the Muryada of Ram that applies not to flesh as moral laws of Shri Ram Chander Ji did but to one's "soul". As Ram is SATT, so Shri Nanak Dev Ji was a "Satguru" against the Brahmin "gurus", who were teaching the Muryada of Shri Ram Chander Ji.

Thus, all the Baani of the six Satgurus in the Ad-Granth Sahib is concerning "soul" and "soul" only and nothing for "flesh", "body" or "TANN". The WARAN of Bhai Gurdass Ji were pertaining to the qualities of castes or applied to TANN and, therefore, they were not included. In short, Ad-Granth has PAKKI BAANI and no KACHI BAANI, which is the realm of Brahmin "gurus".

Thus, Satguru Nanak Dev Ji was the incarnation of "Par Vishnu" against Shri Ram Chander Ji, an incarnation of "Vishnu". So, Satguru Nanak Dev Ji represented "Ram", the Sun and no candles for Him are required to greet Him but KIRTAN, the dazzling Light of Ram Himself to dispel the spiritual Darkness of Kal Yug.

Those people, who refused to amend their ways of life through Word of Mouth, then the incarnation of "Par Shiv", Sachae Paatshah appeared to sort them up. Remember that people like SAJJAN THHAGH when put to shame for his disgraceful deeds repented and gave up his profession of killing people for the sake of their wealth. But the stubborn people did not care and kept on cheating others as at present you find the officials taking bribes. For such shameless people of no conscience, the word of mouth was not enough but the use of sword power of Shiv was essential. Thus, the first Sachae Paatshah Hargobind Ji started to sort out the stubborn dishonest and shameless people with sword power and the other three carried on the work. Satguru Tegh Bahadur Ji gave the ultimatum with the final warnings to such people to gave up their bad deeds in the name of Ram and those who still ignored his appeal were met by the sword power of Sachae Paatshah Gobind Singh Ji, the incaranation of "Par Shiv", Who organised the army of philanthropic(Par Upkari) Khalsas, "Par Shiv Sena".

In short, in Kal Yug the incarnations of both Shri Ram Chander Ji, (JISMAANI/DUNIAWI MURYADA PARSHOTAM AVTAR), who was Satguru Nanak Devi Ji, (ROOHANI MURYADA PARSHOTAM AVTAR) and Shri Krishan Baldev Ji, (JISMAANI/DUNIAWI NEETI PARSHOTAM AVTAR), who was Sachae Paatshah Gobind Singh Ji, (ROOHANI NEETI PARSHOTAM AVTAR), appeared to sort out the satanic people that raise their ugly heads only in Kal Yug.

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